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FOTD: And God Created the Smokey Eye

There are only two palettes I use regularly these days: Urban Decay Naked 2 and NARS And God Created the Woman. These, along with the Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Sticks make up 98% of my eye makeup. Do they make for riveting, adventurous makeup looks? No. Do they suit my current needs to not be insane about makeup? Absolutely.

For now, let us pay tribute to the high priestess of enablement, Carina, for introducing me to the NARS palette a year or so ago. At the time it was a sold-out limited edition item, but when it resurfaced months later around my birthday I saw it as a heavenly sign. Thus prophesied the Sephora shopping cart: “God hath created the woman, and so God shall bestow unto thee the best goddamn smokey eye to ever befall thy beady eyeballs.”


I’m not going to review the palette, but suffice to say that it’s more than wonderful. There isn’t a single off shade in the palette, and it’s small and self-contained enough to be your sole eye makeup travel item. It’s roughly the size of an iPhone 6 — maybe even a bit shorter!

Compact with a rich shade selection, this is probably the best palette for smokey eyes. And while you can use each shade independently or apply lighter eye looks, I tend to use this palette exclusively for that purpose.

The Look

For this look in November I think I used Kalahari (top right) as a base with my finger, then Galapagos (bottom left) on the outer third of the eye swept up over the crease with a fluffy domed crease brush, but going slightly over the crease as well. This results in Galapagos appearing more like the base shade with the Kalahari shimmer poking beneath.

Then I used a small stiff dome brush to apply Coconut Grove on the outer edge of the eye, blending in towards the lid. I use the same brush to run Coconut Grove over the lower lashline. Add eyeliner and mascara on upper and lower lashes and complete.

I don’t remember exactly what products were used, but I know the following to be true:

  • The blush is Hourglass Diffused Heat
  • Lipstick is NARS Montego Bay
  • There was a lot of Hourglass Ambient Powder action going on – likely a mix of Mood Light and the Ambient Light Palette.
  • I did attempt to contour with Clinique Brow Shaper in Shaping Taupe, with a sweep of Burberry’s Warm Glow beneath for…warmth.

Anyway, the palette is the highlight. I love how easy it is to do this eye look – no thinking required, which is exactly what I need my makeup to be these days.

A Touch of Everyday Gold With Illamasqua Incite


I fell in love with this look that popped up during a Google search for Illamasqua Incite.


source: http://primped3.hcdn1.net/ (cannot locate website)

I would love the ability to create something so conceptual and beautiful one day. For now I am just a very enthusiastic amateur.

The original is not exactly a look you could slap on or wear out to lunch (I mean, you could if you wanted to), so I created a toned-down version that uses the key concepts: smokey eyes with gilded inner corners, gold-brush cheeks, and gold-flecked nude lips.

Illamasqua Incite is one of two Pure Pigments I own (the other being Ore – featured here and here) and is a wonderfully shiny pure gold shimmer. You can mix it with anything and apply on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Just look at the above model, she’s practically dusted in the stuff.

Incite hasn’t gotten as much love as Ore because I find it more difficult to work with. Ore, being the ticking glitter bomb that it is, requires more care in application but I find it more complementary to my skin tone so it looks good with a lot of things. I do have more ideas for Incite now, especially combined with some of my newer purchases.

The Look


In retrospect, I should have opted for something with a bit more coverage.







  • NARS Hopi on lips (ring)
  • I also dipped a lip brush in Incite and patted lightly over the gloss to create a subtle gold sheen


And that’s that. Hope you enjoyed this look!

How would you wear Illamasqua Incite? What gold eyeshadows do you love? Let me know in the comments!

Orepheus and Eurydice

Adventures with Illamasqua Ore continue.

orepheus-and-eurydice-1I know it doesn’t help to say that this look is much more intense in person but…it really is. The colors overall are much richer than the burnished gold Ore look I did a few days ago, and makes use of more pink and purple and brick red to round out a bolder, smokier eye.

The purpose of the gold-themed look was to let Ore shine as a standalone eyeshadow (with a little help from NARS Fez). This time, I wanted to show how nicely Ore plays with other colors, in particular the iridescent aubergine shade found in NARS Eurydice.

Eurydice is one of my favorite duo eyeshadow sets from NARS and is as dark and romantic as the name suggests. I have been known to apply it with the control of a sledgehammer, resulting in a double-black eye look, but lately I have been trying to exercise restraint.

Both Ore and Eurydice on their own are quite pigmented and bold, but when used in conjunction, they blend out into a fascinating, glittering rose – depending on how much you apply/blend.


did this pose to show more of the lid but ended up just looking smug…

This look is by no means complicated or even all that original, but it is one of those looks you can pull out for any occasion (I will use this phrase a lot).To use it for a night out, just intensify the lip color and smoke out the eye further. However, based on how this look appeared in real life, even my light touch would have sufficed for a nice dinner out.

Sometimes it’s not about how dark you can ring in the eyes or how deep your red lipstick can go without it glooping all over your teeth. Sometimes, it is enough for someone to appreciate the light catching on your gold-plum lids as you look down to scan the menu, or to note the deepening flush of your rose-stained cheeks following each bite of a good meal or sip of nice wine. Sometimes, the beauty of makeup is in its ability to bring out the subtle, special features you already possess.




orepheus-and-eurydice-4Some flash macro shots of the eyes…yeeks. But at least you can see the mascara and my downward facing eyelashes in great detail?




Cheeks & Lips


This won’t be the last look with Ore, but you must tell me if you get bored with seeing it so often, especially with looks that in the pictures don’t look all that different! Can you tell that I’m obsessed?