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Revisiting Winged Liner: How to Make Your Eyeballs Fly

It didn’t occur to me until very recently that I was doing winged eyeliner wrong.

Not wrong, maybe, but not…optimally. I always erred on the side of conservative, ending with a slight curve at the very corner of the eye, yet stupidly wondering why I couldn’t achieve the same “uplifted” look that other girls had.


Like this but less fierce. Source

As my guru idol Baby Smiley/Glowpinkstah instructs in her iconic Chola tutorial, “The wings of the liner will take you higher.”

My wings were more like uplifted smiles, which is oh-so-lovely and poetic until you realize that smiles don’t get you in the fucking air. I didn’t want smiles on my eyes. I wanted to soar like a goddamn falcon.

Baby wings.

But it was not meant to be, until one morning a few weeks ago when I was midway through a winged line. Amidst other profound thoughts (sandwich flavors ranked by mayo content, fanfiction ideas for obscure fandoms you’ll never know, and how to eliminate odors from trash bins) I decided, on a whim, to end the line sooner, and to flick at the most ridiculous angle I could imagine.

Obviously, my imagination was a bit stunted, because what resulted was a perfectly normal — dare I say, more than passable — winged line.

Now these are wings!

I think the issue is that the shape of my eyes requires the illusion of an uplifting boost, which is why I shouldn’t extend the wing all the way to the edge of the eye. Stopping just before the corner means that the main detail in the look – the flick itself – never sinks lower than the eye.

Also, because my eyelids are hooded, I need to begin with a steep angle so that when my eyes are open the flick “settles” into a more modest angle. I draw the flick at about 90 degrees from the slant of the outer corner, or roughly 45 degrees if based on a horizontal line across the eye.For a less crooked flick, I make a thicker line. It looks a little silly when my lids are lowered, but I’ll take the silliness some times for a decent wing most of the time.

I’ve also taken to “starting” the liner about half a centimeter from the inner corner from the eye. “Starting” is in quotations because I actually start with the flick, then sweep it towards the inner corner to make an outline, then fill in the edge. This is no innovative technique – I think several people do this already. I do it because there’s no point taking it to the inner corners, which are hidden behind the folds of my lids. I also think it lends to the illusion of looking more awake, which is my forever quest.

In this look, I’m using the K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner*. This liner lets me exert a huge amount of control and easily draw both thick and thin lines. I love that it’s a strong opaque black too and is pretty long-lasting. I regret not stocking up on this in Manila, as it’s the only thing I can count on at the moment to make these wings!

There’s nothing wrong with the original examples, and I’ll likely use them for other looks, but I’m really enjoying the look of the upturned flick. Also, this look is my current “makeup uniform” — I think I wear winged liner 4-5 days of the week now, with a random selection of Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks for dimension.

What are your tips on drawing a winged line? Are there any workarounds you have to do to accommodate your eye shape?

Minimal Summer Coverage

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, these days I tend to favor lightweight coverage as it’s just too hot for anything else. My coverage is usually light anyway, so I’ve been looking for ways to go even more minimal while having sufficient coverage for my problem areas. Even tinted moisturizer feels like too much at times.

I still have uneven skin tone around my nose and forehead, and the ever present dark circles under the eyes so going out bare-faced isn’t really an option. Luckily, some of my newer acquisitions have helped me come up with a solution.

First, I apply a very thin – to the point of translucent – layer of thisworks Perfect Look Skin Miracle.


aside from thislooks, i did my brows and put on lip gloss

I’m pretty happy with how most of my skin is, so this shimmering base is primarily for the benefit of “the good parts”. A lot of times we cover up the natural glow in our skin with foundation and powders and recreate it with highlighters, but this way you can skip all that and work with what you have. It’s harder for me to do though if I have a widespread breakout or lackluster skin in general.

You can see it doesn’t do much for spot marks, dark circles, and uneven skin tone. So, I apply Burberry Sheer Fluid Foundation just on my T-zone and blend out.


This leads to a much more even skin tone and smoother seeming complexion without the weight of full foundation. I don’t like to bury blemishes and skin flaws in heavy concealment and don’t care if some are still visible, but of course you can adjust the coverage based on your comfort level.

I also tackled dark circles with a mix of Stila Concealer Stick and Illamasqua Emerge which alone make me appear more awake. If you only have time to do one thing (aside from your brows), do your undereye circles. It will make a world of difference and is a preventative measure against people asking why you’re so tired.

From there I jump to makeup:


i am number four

Additional products used:

  • & Other Stories eyebrow pencil in boucle greige (its effectiveness fighting a losing battle against rampant growth)
  • Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow Emerville
  • MUFE Gel Eyeliner (will update with more specifics)
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara
  • & Other Stories Cire Red Blush
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector
  • & Other Stories Scarlet Red Lipgloss
  • Sephora Cheek and Lip Tint Gel

Awkwardly-displayed nails are Twill Blue from & Other Stories. 

What’s your summer base routine? What products do you turn to when you want light coverage?