Guess That Beauty Blogger!

While I usually don’t have anyone specific in mind when I do my makeup, it makes sense that I draw most of my beauty inspiration from my favorite Philippine-based reads. I hardly pick up a magazine anymore so if anyone is teaching me how to do makeup these days, it’s the fifteen or so girls I read regularly.

Last week when I was importing photos into my portable drive, I saw an old FOTD shot and thought, “Oh, this look totally reminds me of _____.” This was not a one-off thought. In fact, noting the subconscious influence of other Filipina beauty bloggers — or even just amusing similarities — in my looks has happened a few times since last year.

It’s interesting how bloggers can be associated with certain styles and techniques. Over time we learn what works and what doesn’t, and hone our looks accordingly. Or, in some cases, poses! Beauty bloggers may not have to contort themselves the way fashion bloggers do, but we definitely keep to our signature angles. By signature angle, I mean that from this angle, I’m Beyonce but two degrees to the left and I’m Danny Devito.

Actually, I bet my “signature” is my chronic bitchface. If you ever want to emulate it, simply look as though someone just dropped a deuce on your shoes.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to gather what I had and play a little game. Can you guess which look corresponds to which beauty blogger?

I hope this post is taken in the spirit in which it is intended. I’m a fan of all the beauty bloggers ‘featured’ and I hope they’ll appreciate the tribute. For everyone else, it’s time tooooooooooo Guess That Beauty Blogger! 

Blogger 1


When it comes to rich smokey eyes and pale pink lips, this blogger is a maestro. She’s a fan of Burberry and NARS, and wields a spatula as skillfully as she does a makeup brush. She will cut you with her stare, and has no patience for idiots on Youtube. Or idiots in general.

Blogger 2


I can’t decide what I want more: this new mom’s gorgeous bone structure or her impeccable style. I guess in her line of business, having an eye for aesthetics is crucial. Lipstick is her weakness, but she can pull off anything (and does).

Blogger 3


I look forward to seeing her regular FOTDs on Instagram, and it helps that she’s always smiling in them! This blogger rotates her products frequently to showcase daily office looks as well as more glamorous, dramatic styles. Name a red lipstick; she’ll make it work.

Blogger 4


This blogger is blatantly cheating the system because she doesn’t even need makeup to look good XD. With her emphasis on dewy skin, soft shimmery eye makeup and (as of the moment) nude or MLBB lips, her looks are sweet as honey.

Now for the reveals: 

Blogger 1


It’s Romz of Run Barbie Run! Before reading her I was terrified of wearing lipstick colors lighter than my skin, but she’s taught me that when paired with deep rich browns and dramatic shimmer, they work beautifully. That photo made me think of Romz because of the dark background, too!

Blogger 2


Ae of An Artechoke is my go-to girl for subtle and refined glam. When Ae wears her hair in a low side bun, she looks like she could sweep from the office straight to a dinner party/art show opening. When I wear my hair in a low side bun, my mom asks me if the labandera look is in. (IT IS, MOM).

Blogger 3


I was hoping the coy pose might give it away, haha! It’s Juvy of Plump Cheeks! Seriously, she can work any lip color, in any finish!

Blogger 4


Last but not least, Mariana of The Beauty BeeI love how her base always looks lightweight and luminous in all the right places, and she’s taught me that smokey eyes don’t have to be all-out dark to be effective in adding dimension.

How did you do? Did you see any similarities or did I miss the mark completely? There are some more bloggers whose…uh, essences I wanted to emulate (that sounds super creepy and all Hannibal-y, but it’s midnight here and can’t think of a better phrase) but I didn’t have time to sit down and do it properly. Plus, I think it’s more fun when it happens organically! Thank for you indulging me in this randomness.

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Bea Pantoja is a graduate student studying Creative Writing & Publishing, as well as Narrative Nonfiction. She is currently based in London.

twitter/Instagram: @DalagaProject


  1. Hahaha, hilarious! I was checking my feed before i got out of bed, and iwaslike, is this me? Am I awake yet?! Thanks for the ‘feature’ and the kind words–means a lot coming from you! xx

    • Hahahaha your picture was the one that started it all I think! 😀 And shucks, my pleasure!

  2. I guessed myself. HAHAHA! I smiled upon reading the description, but my picture there was so haggard because it was after work and I always don’t get enough sleep, BUT thanks for featuring me, and for the description! <3

  3. I got Ae and Juvy! This was really fun. In hindsight, the descriptions were pretty on point but I kept going with Shari for Romzs. I couldn’t get Iana because I kept thinking of Carina for barely-there dewy bases but I couldn’t really go with that as she is a bit more adventurous with color.


    • I was hoping the spatula would give it away because of Romz’ baking business, but I can see how the other parts fit Shari as well. And they both love Tom Ford, which is another brand I considered listing. But: “sweet as honey” –> The Beauty Bee?! For shame, Tellie. For shame. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you.

  4. GURRRL I guessed ALL correctly except for Romz! 🙁 🙁 Huhu! I thought that was Carina!
    This was really fun, Bea!!

    • Woo hoo! Actually that’s true, spatula could mean artist or baking spatula. If there’s a next round Carina will for sure be in it…I’m still trying to think of what yours would be! *flips to stalking mode* *realizes already in stalking mode – intensifies efforts to stalk*

  5. I don’t know how I missed this post! Hahaha. I only guessed Juvy and myself right (nude lip thing gave it away for meee) but when I saw that the second was Ae, I was like–of course, of course! The description and pose were spot on. And may I say that you look great in the soft smokey eye! You are making me think that I should switch it up a little though… that really is what I always have on. Haha!

    Such an amusing post and am flattered to be a part of it! Moooore! 😀

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