The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

The Sunday Currently is a series that captures what you are doing and seeing, and how you are feeling and thinking, within a small sliver of your precious weekend window. It has also been around for yonks, but I came across it today through Carina’s personal blog. (“I came across this through Carina” should be an Autofill setting, given how many times I’ve used it).

Even two weeks ago, I might have dismissed this series as some daft thing, my frustrations borne out of burnout on the blogs I was reading at the time. Everyone’s wearing Topshop and smelling Jo Malone candles and feeling blessed all the damn time, anyway – same shit, different day of the week.

Obviously, this thinking reflects more upon me than those bloggers (no one in particular, but you know the type). Being too cynical, too angry, too unsure of oneself becomes a handicap when you go on the Internet, which is part of the reason I’ve cut back somewhat on my online activities. The only thing worse than being a Bitter Betty is listening to one.

But we’re going to be okay, at least for the time being. What inspired me about Carina’s post is in how sincere it was. (All her posts are lovely and earnest, so if you only read her beauty blog, I highly recommend you follow Nothing Spaces as well). I always forget that sincerity can be a more powerful force than sarcasm or derision. Not that sincerity equates to positivity and eternal sunshine all the time – sincerity can be clumsy and mean and strange and horrible, but at the end of the day, sincerity is brave.

You can’t hide behind the shadows of your own insecurities. When someone asks you how you’re feeling and what you’re wishing, as they do in this series, sincerity commands that you answer truly and honestly – for your own sake, and not for your readers.

Goddamn. This is why I can’t do series and tags and other such things. I get distracted and end up writing something completely unrelated, which is as organized and eloquent as a coughed-up hairball.

Apparently The Sunday Currently is supposed to go up at 12:00PM EST (12:00AM Manila, 4PM London I believe – daylight savings time sends my internal timezone converter all out of whack). It is currently (currently!) 8:53PM Sunday night, already pitch-dark: the curtains drawn over the windows, the candle snuffed, an office lamp and the glare of the laptop screen throwing dim yellow light over my disaster of a desk.

Now onto the real currentlies…


The Content Machine by Michael Bhaskar – a book that ruminates on the theory of publishing. What does it actually mean to publish something, and what sort of conventions define the industry? (Are you still with me or did you nod off?) It’s for school, obviously. The biggest lesson so far is that my comprehension skills have degraded quicker than wet tissue.


In my journal, still, though I am making an active effort to post more on the blog. This is the first weekend where I actually thought that writing for the blog was possible again. Coincidentally, it’s also Reading Week – aka, no classes save for one.

What I should be writing: my creative writing assignment on structure. This early in the week, though, the fire under my ass merely tickles with a soothing warmth. What is deadline? Fetch me more beer! *Thor laughter*


Leighton Meester’s new album, Heartstrings. Leighton Meester is actually a talented singer, and this album is full of the sweet, lyrical, folk-pop songs you’d find in Mandy Moore’s later albums. It’s a far cry from her sexy pop stuff (which might please some & disappoint others). My favorite track: Dreaming, followed by LA and Blue Afternoon. Seriously, Dreaming is so lovely.

Bonus: a beautiful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams by Leighton and Dana Williams.


Of how to spend this week off school in a productive way. My natural inclination is to stay in bed marathoning Parks & Rec, even though I just did that last week. The grim solution surfacing is that I’m going to have to not just get out of bed, but out of the house. Drat!


MUJI Jasmine & Black Olive candle. It’s only £3.50 but it also comes in a tiny little tin, so I alternate this between a bigger, cheaper, and generally more basic candle.


For greater clarity and purpose.


That what I plan to do with this blog — not that I really have a plan — will make me fall in love with blogging again.


A bright yellow Zara sweater and American Eagle Outfitters jeans. Until last month I would only buy jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. I love their skinny stretch jeans, even if they make my butt look so flat they appear concave.


Calamine lotion. I’ve been having prickly-heat types of rashes all across my upper back (sexy times!). I’m still trying to determine the cause, blaming everything from dogs to fallen leaves with an agenda, but in the meantime good old calamine has been the only thing to soothe the discomfort. Matt keeps calling it chamomile, like: “Why do you need me to go get you chamomile, I’ve got some in the pantry and I don’t want to put on pants.”


To be better with finances. Always and forever. BUT ALSO, really really wanting this Seven Seas “Writer” Notebook made with Tomoe River paper. Which directly contradicts the first point.


More self-discipline. But seriously tho, that notebook is mine.


Hopeful. I don’t want to speak too soon (which I always, always, always do, whatever), but I’ve overcome the biggest mental block when it comes to this blog. I’m not sure exactly about where things are going, but I definitely have more clarity now. Reducing my usage of Bloglovin helped a lot (seriously, scrolling through the Popular Posts there just makes me feel so sad). Applying discipline to other parts of my life – like my health – helped as well. I spent most of Sunday doing some blog tidying. The new categories and homepage represent small visual changes, but feel like significant improvements that inspire me to write.


The Sunday Currently was started by Siddha Thornton

2/30 NaBloPoMo


  1. Nice! I was thinking of doing something similar, but of a more ehm…geeky.. bent, but I couldn’t decide if that belonged on a beauty blog. Would also love to read about what you’re Eating or Cooking, since you’re currently in a different country. 😀

    • You should totally do it! I don’t believe that beauty blogs should be ONLY about beauty and if you go off-track then a baby kitten dies…Varied posts reveal a blogger’s personality. I would totally read your geeky blog posts haha.

      That’s a great suggestion about Eating/Cooking, I was actually going to include it this time because I couldn’t believe Eating wasn’t included! Then forgot. 🙁 Next week then!

  2. Hi! I think I might have found your blog through Carina’s Softly Sometimes. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve been following your beauty posts, but do love me a good Sunday Currently! Just, hello!

    • Hi, hello!! Thanks for reading my beauty posts ^.^ I see you’re doing the series as well! Thanks also for teaching me that Siddathornton is not actually her name, which is Lauren…..comprehension fail >.<

  3. Are all NFPs really easily distracted? Sometimes I hate myself for this. For a time I thought I had ADD (hence, scatterbraintures). My brain always goes somewhere else and I don’t always end up doing what I initially set out to do. It’s frustrating most of the time.

    Anyway, shame on me for assuming that Dreams is a ‘The Corrs’ original 😛 But I was in early high school and I have no internet… so…

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